Career Assessment

At CAVE Inc. we offer a highly effective and comprehensive package of assessments to identify:

Work Interest – Inventories and profiles are used to identify your vocational and occupational areas of interest.

Achievement – Identifies your current academic levels, critical thinking, cognitive and conceptual abilities.

Personality – Analyze your preferences, relationships with others, temperament and attitudes as they relate to work.

Learning Style – Major physical, environmental, expressive and social styles are identified with methods and strategies to improve the learning process.

Vocational Evaluation

In additional to the Career Assessment of your interest, achievement levels, personality and learning styles, CAVE Inc. also evaluates for the following:

  • Aptitude & Attributes Tests
  • Work-related Skills Measurements
  • Major Work Characteristics
  • Work Attitudes & Temperaments Preferences (Environmental & Social)
  • Transferable Skills Analysis
  • Goals & Values Clarification
  • Abilities Profiles & Adaptive Functioning

Who Would Benefit

Any individual in career transition, displaced workers, rehabilitation clients, single parents and displaced homemakers, veterans or anyone suffering from job burn-out.

Any high school, vocational or college student making post-secondary training or academic decisions.

Any individual who is struggling with their career direction.

“If an individual understands his/her strengths, abilities, aptitudes, learning & working styles, values, work preferences and vocational personality, the opportunity for finding satisfaction and success in a chosen profession  is significantly enhanced.”

Ivan P. Jasper, C.V.E.