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Identifying your clients’ aptitudes, achievement levels, work preferences, personality traits, learning styles and occupational interests will make the link between work satisfaction, performance, and productivity an evaluated process with valuable decision-making information.

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Parents & Students

One of the most critical decisions a student makes will be what occupational training or academic program is going to give them the best opportunity to make an adequate living, in a job that they enjoy, and compliments their skills and abilities.

Identifying a student’s learning styles, interests, aptitudes, achievement levels, values, attitudes, and work personality will assist in understanding their preferred physical environment, mode of processing information, social interaction style, and expressive preference.

CAVE Inc. is designed to assess and evaluate a student on an individualized basis at an affordable price.  Perfect for parents interested in developing programs and strategies that will assist their child’s learning development and academic achievement.

Student profiles are excellent tools for educational planning, occupational exploration, and vocational guidance.




Identifying your students’ learning styles will assist you in understanding their preferred physical environment, their mode of processing information, their social interaction style and expressive preference.

Incorporated in the Learning Styles Profile are major work characteristics and strategies to assist an educator in developing their students’ potential.

The Vocational Learning and Working Styles Inventory is easy to administer and requires a minimal amount of time from the student. There are no time limits and assistance is encouraged in the reading, defining and clarifying of questions and responses excellent for middle, high school and adult populations.

The Learning Styles Profile is an ideal tool for educators to access information and evaluates students on an individualized or small group basis. It is a fantastic assessment tool for educators committed to developing programs and strategies to ensure student learning and achievement.

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Knowing yourself may be the most important information you can have when making critical decisions about school, training, and/or your career. Understanding your aptitudes, achievement levels, occupational interests, learning styles, work preferences and vocational personality traits may make the difference in the level of satisfaction you can experience when learning and/or working.

CAVE Inc. offers a comprehensive array of current career assessment instruments and individualized counseling to assist you in making academic or occupational plans.

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CAVE, Inc. and its staff will not distribute, sell or offer any individuals’ evaluation results or personal information to any individual, company, agency, academic institution, and/or any organization without the client’s written permission.